Wrath: Expansion for The Others

2-5 players, 1 vs Many, Horror, Expansion

Purpose of Expansion

The purpose for the Sin expansions in general is to add more stuff to the game through different monster sculpts with very minor changes to the overall gameplay. I’ll dig deeper into that below. In this review I’ll go over the Wrath expansion for The Others.

The Additions

The Wrath expansion adds a new deck of cards for the sin player and a new overall power on their board that allows the Sin player to teleport ANY one of their monsters 1 space when another one of their monsters dies in battle, OR the hero takes a corruption.  This is another of my fav power abilities for the Sin player as it adds an interesting new game mechanic to the game and focuses on the Wrath theme by bringing in more monsters when one dies. With this ability the hero players need to be careful not to get overrun and are constantly pestered when trying to clear out rooms. Of course on the flip side this makes the Sin player have to consider just HOW they want to utilize their monsters. Moving too many towards a certain area will leave other areas open and prime for other heroes to run in. It’s an interesting power to be sure.

I really like the Wrath avatar mini, this guy looks big and powerful and intimidating on the board. His abominations are smaller 4 legged hell hound looking critters and are ok, although I do appreciate the hound styling they go for.

The Fuzzy Llama Bronze Seal of Prevalence

Final Thoughts

This expansion has my second favorite Sin power of all the expansions and my third favorite batch of minis overall so I would rank this one closer to the top of my list of The Others expansions. Nothing too fancy here with the mechanics as it mostly focuses on battle but at the same time this can be very strategic if used correctly.

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