Just picked up the new Fallout Shelter: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games. What a fun little worker placement style game! I mean i’m incredibly biased towards Fallout anyway (I LOVE the theme) but this one really captures that Fallout Shelter app game very well! Still working my way through my “Block Month” of reviews focusing on the Unmatched series but once i’m finished be on the look out for my review for Fallout Shelter.


For the next month I’m going to be doing a “Review Block” of the Unmatched series of games starting with Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Volume One. Each week I will release a new review going over any changes and characters for each set and will give my opinions on how much I liked them! Hoping this will help out any of you that might be on the fence for this series or curious on which set to start with. At the end of the “Block” I will reveal my ranking on the entire set.