Fuzzy Llama Seals

Llama Seals?! That are fuzzy? Sounds a little crazy and yet here we are. I have put together a few seals that I will be applying to certain board games that really stand out in the ever growing board gaming community. Below are the seals and what they mean to me. Keep an eye out for these seals at the end of my reviews to see just how much I really enjoyed a game for one reason or another.

Click on a Seal below to instantly (Entirely dependent on your internet speed) be zipped to the particular reviews that I gave these Seals to. From here you can view what games I think are playable all the way up to the games that, I think, are MUST BUYS.

The Fuzzy Llama Bronze Seal of Prevalence

This little critter will be given to those games that I think are just average. A game that I will play but nothing about it blew my mind.

The Fuzzy Llama Silver Seal of Distinction

This seal is reserved for those games that stand out from the rest. A seal that shows these games to be worthy of recognition.

The Fuzzy Llama Golden Seal of Eternal EXCELLENCE

When you see this seal emblazoned upon a game then you know that it is a keeper. These particular games are those that command respect and will always be happily played by me.