The Sneaky and Wild Face Behind The Fuzzy Llama

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So I actually got into modern boardgaming mid 2017, not all that long ago. I was sitting at work listening in on a discussion (aka eavesdropping) about a game called Settlers of Catan. It sounded revolutionary to me. You see before this the most advanced game I had come across was another game called 13 Dead End Drive published back when I was a kid or maybe Risk. But Catan sounded intriguing to me, building roads and little houses and this little robber running amok.

I jumped in on the convo. Pandemic was brought up next and this intrigued me even more. The idea of trying to stop the spread of a deadly disease and the way the game worked just sounded amazing to my Clue and Game of Life ridden mind. A week or so later I was at a local Target store and came across both Catan and Pandemic, saw they were priced around the $25 range each and couldn’t decide which to get. They both looked awesome and completely different from one another. But UGH I wanted them both but UGH again I didn’t want to drop $50 on a couple board games. Being super impulsive and spontaneous I had a moment of wildness and purchased them both.

Got home tried them out and enjoyed them quite a bit! This was eye opening for me to say the least. Here I had two board games that were not only fun to play but vastly unique and more complex than the board games of old that I was used to. Suffice it to say this was just the beginning.

Back at work I got to talking to someone about another game called “Dead of Winter”. Sounded ominous, sounded cool, I like ominous. I instantly started my investigation. $50?!?! NOPE! Not going to happen, no way no how. I refuse to spend that much money on a board game. That’s crazy talk! I was already on the fence about spending that much on a pair of them and now just for a single game?? Two days later I was happily unwrapping my new copy of Dead of Winter and oh mannnnn the amount of stuff in the box! It was like Christmas. To be honest that’s what I feel like EVERY TIME I open a new board game. It gives me that old feeling of when I was a kid unwrapping presents.

All the tokens to punch out, all the cards to sort through, just all the components to investigate. Ohh what do they all do? Then came the manual. I’ll be honest the first time skimming through that thing was super overwhelming. I mean I had some practice dealing with Catan and Pandemic already but this was a whole ‘nother ball game. ANYWAY the point is, now I understood why the game cost $50. The amount of value you get out of this box…..just cannot be judged by past board games.

Needless to say my addiction only grew from there. I quickly discovered more games to satiate my hunger and my collection grew and grew rapidly. And I’ve always enjoyed writing about one thing or another and since I enjoy these games so much I figured I would just start jotting down my thoughts about them. I originally started out writing Amazon reviews for them very shortly after jumping on the hobby and then a few months after that started dropping them on BGG. Eventually I started thinking, you know, I have a decent amount of reviews here, this is something I enjoy doing and WHAM Fuzzy Llama Reviews was born.

Holla back!