Arkham Horror: Dead of Night

1-6 players, Cooperative, Horror, Expansion

Origin Story

Dead of Night is the first of probably many expansions for the 3rd edition of Fantasy Flights famous Arkham Horror series. It’s a recent release coming out in 2019 and also a small box release as it does not include any new board tiles or drastically game changing attributes. Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Purpose of Expansion

This expansion is all about just adding more to the game. There is more of everything you already have included in the core game. More Item cards, characters to play as, more event cards, monster cards. Basically it expands on all the regular stuff on all fronts. So if you already enjoy the core game and have been desiring to add even more flavor to the game then this would be a good purchase as you can expand the replayabilty quite a bit with these new tid bits.

The Additions

There are a couple new things that have been added as well! Probably the most notable are the new “Wanted” status cards. These cards behave much like the “Curse” status cards the core game has but specifically reference a particular status on certain ally and item cards, preventing you from acquiring them or just flat out losing them if you have any. They also activate when that diabolical red token is drawn much like the Curse card and then bad things happen. These are….ok. I mean their ability really only affects you IF you happen to have or acquire a very specific “Reputation” item or ally. I went through an entire game and never once did I draw up one of those cards, of course your mileage will vary based on the random nature of the game.

Another addition to the game is the new monster card holder. Much like the event deck holder the core game comes with, you have to assemble this little critter and then it holds the monster cards for ease of drawing. I really like this as it enhances the setup and game, more of a visual enhancement as it’s honestly easy enough to just draw a card from the deck as is, but still it looks cool. The last bit of newness is the inclusion of some X3 doom/clue tokens. These little babes can be set in place of a set of 3 doom and/or clue tokens to not only save space, but tokens. They are also a tad bit bigger to more easily differentiate.

The Changes

There are no changes to the core rules although there is the new “Reputation” status that works with the new “Wanted” status cards. Beyond that you can easily combine all the materials from this expansion into the core game and start playing right away if you already know the rules. Easy peasy.

The Fuzzy Llama Silver Seal of Distinction

Final Thoughts

I like it. I really love the core game so just getting more stuff to enhance the flavor and increase replayability is a win in my book. I especially enjoy the neat monster card stand even though it doesn’t change anything with gameplay, but it’s cool stuff like this that I appreciate. There are two new Mythos scenario cards that introduce a couple new challenges with new board setups. Unfortunately, there are still only the two different ways to handle the doom, it either spreads or the portal opens and it goes straight to the scenario card. This is one thing I am looking forward to having more options on. It’s pretty obvious that the anomaly/doom aspect is much more difficult than the spread option and would be nice to have a bit more variation for those.

All in all, nothing game changing included but for those looking to add even more thematic flavor and replayability then this is a sure thing.

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