Gluttony: Expansion for The Others

2-5 players, 1 vs Many, Horror, Expansion

Purpose of Expansion

The purpose for the Sin expansions in general is to add more stuff to the game through different monster sculpts with very minor changes to the overall gameplay. I’ll dig deeper into that below. In this review I’ll go over the Gluttony expansion for The Others.

The Additions

The Gluttony expansion adds a new deck of cards for the sin player and a new overall power on their board that awards the Sin player extra things when the heroes gain things. These “things” I speak of are upgrade cards and extra turn tokens for the heroes. Whenever the heroes gain either of these things the Sin player also gains a Sin card or a Reaction token respectively. This is another power that is situational mostly surrounding the upgrade cards. It is nice to be able to draw up another sin card AND those extra reaction tokens could be game changers although hero players won’t be finding those extra turn tokens all that often.

The minis in this one are decent if not a little boring. The avatar is decently detailed with the abominations basically looking very similar but a little shorter. I really like the sculpt of the controller mini for this set however as it kind of blends its human side with the demon side really well.

The Fuzzy Llama Bronze Seal of Prevalence

Final Thoughts

This one doesn’t really bring any cool new strategies into the game really and just increases the Sin players overall power with more sin cards and reaction tokens when the hero players draw upgrade cards and extra turn tokens. Not a huge fan of the minis in this one other than the controller as well. This is a more middle of the road expansion depending on how much you like the minis.

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