Greed: Expansion for The Others

2-5 players, 1 vs Many, Horror, Expansion

Purpose of Expansion

The purpose for the Sin expansions in general is to add more stuff to the game through different monster sculpts with very minor changes to the overall gameplay. I’ll dig deeper into that below. In this review I’ll go over the Greed expansion for The Others.

The Additions

The Greed expansion adds a new deck of cards for the sin player and a new overall power on their board that gives the Sin player a bonus against heroes with the most upgrade cards in their possession. This power isn’t all that powerful BUT can be very strategic in certain situations. So first of all it only works against the hero that has the most upgrade cards, although if there is a tie for most then they all count as THE MOST. Anyway, when in battle the Sin player gets one extra die to roll which, again, can be strategic in helping “pick off” certain heroes.

I’m 50/50 on these sculpts. I like the sculpts on both the avatar and the abominations but the abominations are SO tiny! Like little gremlins running amok on the board, and I mean they look kinda menacing but at the same time kinda cute. So overall the minis look nice but the abominations are super small and all look very similar as well.

The Fuzzy Llama Bronze Seal of Prevalence

Final Thoughts

This is one of my least favorite expansions of the bunch due to the situational Sin power and tiny little abomination minis that are more “flea-like” than demon-like.

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