Lust: Expansion for The Others

2-5 players, 1 vs Many, Horror, Expansion

Purpose of Expansion

The purpose for the Sin expansions in general is to add more stuff to the game through different monster sculpts with very minor changes to the overall gameplay. I’ll dig deeper into that below. In this review I’ll go over the Lust expansion for The Others.

The Additions

The Lust expansion adds a new deck of cards for the sin player and a new overall power on their board that affects heroes negatively when they end they turns in the same space. Now this only affects basically the first two heroes that move into the same area and end their turns in that area. When heroes do this they will each take a corruption so it’s more difficult for heroes to gang up and take out demons without getting slightly corrupted. This one adds to the theme by basically saying that just two individuals alone, together will become lusty and become more corrupt because of it.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the sculpts in this expansion personally, well, other than the Avatar mini which is pretty awesome. The abomination monsters, to me, are kinda bland looking but not terrible.

The Fuzzy Llama Bronze Seal of Prevalence

Final Thoughts

So for this expansion I really like the Sin power of causing corruption to the heroes when they are alone together. It really forces players to think a little more on if it’s worth it to join forces to try and take out demons for those extra rolls BUT also take that extra corruption. The mini sculpts are ok with the avatar being the stand-out here. The abomination minis, even though there are 3 different sculpts, still look all very similar.

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