Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot

2 players, Competitive, Fantasy Tactical Skirmish

Designer: Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, Justin D. Jacobson

Artwork: Oliver Barrett

Publisher: Restoration Games, Mondo Games

Release Year: 2019

Origin Story

Still working through my “Block Month” of reviews for the Unmatched series of games. The second game of the series I will be taking a look at is the Robin Hood vs Bigfoot set! Read on to get my impressions of this set mostly squared around the decks and miniatures. As I already focused on how the games play in the first review, (which you can find here: Unmatched: Battle of Legends Volume one), I won’t go into detail on those points. If you are curious about that then slap that link back there.

Components/Game Board/Card Decks

The miniatures in this set are JUST awesome. Extreme detail going into them with a special shout out to my boi Bigfoot over here. He’s packing around basically an entire tree to use as a club and is perched atop a rocky outcropping on the base of the mini. Robin Hood is sporting his classic bow and arrow with his quiver on his back and a hood over his head. Both minis have a wash coating as well to give them that extra “oomf” factor for the detail.

This set comes with its own board that I am happy to say is double-sided! One side has the Yukon and has Bigfoot in mind for the design with rocky and mountainous regions. The flip side is Sherwood Forest that is, well, foresty. As far as routes on the boards, Sherwood has some long stretches of single spaces on one end where you have to loop around the trees and on the other end there are a few areas where you have more freedom of movement. The Yukon has one giant straight loop around one whole side that one could easily get trapped in. In the middle of the board though there are multiple pathways of movement. Of the two sides I prefer the Yukon not only for the setting, but for the way it’s designed strategically as well.

Let’s talk about the decks a bit. Robin Hood has a pretty standard 2 movement, 13 starting life and is ranged. He comes with 4 outlaw sidekicks that each have only a single life and are melee. His special ability is to allow his attacking fighter to move up to 2 spaces after you attack. His deck is all about drawing more cards and let me tell ya it goes wild for those cards! Almost every card in there allows you to draw more cards in one way or another. That coupled with his special of movement ensures you almost will never need to perform the standard maneuver action.

Bigfoot on the other hand is a little meatier and quicker with a base of 3 movement, 16 starting life and melee. He comes with The Jackalope sidekick that has 6 starting life and is also melee. His special is if there are no opposing fighters in his zone at the end of his turn, he can draw a card. So, right off the bat you know you kinda want to just hide and stay back from the enemy….BUT since Robin Hood is ranged that’s EXACTLY what the enemy wants. Bigfoots deck is center around movement. There are a bunch of cards that allow not only Bigfoot, but the Jackalope as well to move very quickly across the map and even through enemies. Some of his cards allow him to increase the attack power if starting in a different zone. So basically, run outta the bushes and attack like a Bigfoot would.

Visual Appeal /Theme

This one hits all the same marks as the first one as far as visual appeal goes. All the artwork on the cards is excellent and just jaw dropping to say the least. As far as theme goes, well, this one is a hit or miss and I feel like I could speak for a lot of people in that regard. When I first started picking up these sets, the theme of this one didn’t really appeal to me much. I was never a huge Robin Hood fan and well Bigfoot is Bigfoot. The mix was intriguing I’ll give it that.

Optimal Player Count/Replayability

This set is designed for two players out of the box unlike the first set I reviewed. There are only two characters and two decks one for each to use. Like-wise the board, even though double-sided, is designed only for a two player matchup. Now, that said, there is still a decent amount of replayability with this set. You have two different boards along with two different characters to choose from. By the time you master one of the characters and move on to master the next and had your fill playing both sides of the board, well I bet you have put in enough games already to blow most other games outta the water.

Positive Final Thoughts

It’s more Unmatched! Between the characters I prefer Robin Hood slightly more mostly because I love the way his deck works. He’s got so many cards that allow him to draw more cards, not to mention he is a ranged character so he can attack from afar. Add on top of that his merry men outlaws, there are four of them that you can utilize to slow down ol Bigfoot, and you have a mean machine for sure.

Negative Final Thoughts

Not the biggest fan of these characters over all though. I mean they are fine, but I don’t get excited to play as either of them to be honest. I’m mostly happy about the new board that I can use for the rest of my sets.

The Bottom Line

It’s a good set but still not my favorite. This is a starter set for two player’s right out of the box and as of this writing there are only two of these 2 player sets available. Personally I would go with the other one (Hint: the name rhymes with Burassic Bark) if you are just wanting a 2-player set. That said, don’t be surprised that if, after playing it, you get a craving for more and end up buying this one anyway like I did.

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