My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky

1-6 players, Pie Unleashing Friendship Making Expansion

Designer: Hoby Chou, Vienna Chou

Artist: Katie Khau

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

Release Year: 2020

Purpose of Expansion

This delicious treat of an expansion for the board game My Little Scythe unleashes a variety of added components to expand the amount of playable characters, quest cards, power up tiles and adds in a new game mechanic, the airship. Now, even though there are two new characters to play with, the player count is still sitting at a max of 6 as there just isn’t any more space to add more critters to the board. Use of this expansion also increases the amount of trophies you will need to collect to collect to 5 from 4 so this will increase your game length by a tad.

The Additions and Changes

You are mostly looking at additions to the game with this one, however there are a couple pretty nifty changes that have been implemented as well to keep the game fresh. As I mentioned earlier there are two new playable critter races to choose from, the Fox and Owl kingdoms which each come with two of their respective creature miniatures. To go with these new kingdoms there are a couple new quest cards to mix in with all the other quest cards and all the respective critter kingdom supplies such as the color tracker peg and extra trophy tokens.

As far as changes go, the biggest one is the implementation of the airship. Implementing the airship into the game brings with it a fair number of additions to the game in its own right. Using the airship alters the basic printed “Seek” action that is on each player card so the game comes with tile overlays to cover that for each player. There are also brand new airship mats that will sit along-side each player mat that add new asymmetric abilities to your particular kingdom and where the extra trophy spot goes as well.

The airship is a pretty simple addition to the game as every player can choose to operate it during their turn by taking the seek action. This will allow them to either move it a number of spaces dependent on the roll of the new airship die OR grab up a single gem or apple token in its space to store in your personal cargo hold. The resources stored in your cargo hold can be used in conjunction with the resources being toted around by your critters on the board so you have even more options on collecting. Now, all that is easy peasy to pick up and play, where the intrigue and complexity increases is the added kingdom airship mats abilities.

There are nine completely different mats, each with a unique ability and most coming with extra tokens to use during the game. Some of these abilities can get rather strategic and complicated for the younger audience but it’s super easy to not use them and just use the base airship abilities if you so choose.

The Bottom Line

I think the airship along with the new abilities adds some much need strategy to the game and is very welcome. I’m also a big fan of owls so was happy to see them implemented in the game as a new playable kingdom (now only if there were llamas….) and the miniatures look excellent just like their base game counterparts. Also always happy to see additional cards added to the quest deck even if only a few. One of the really cool aspects I found was the way the airship die works. There are only two symbols, a trophy and a 6 with the six holding two sides and the trophy holding the rest. If you roll a trophy symbol then you can only move the airship up to as many spaces as trophies you have remaining on your player sheet. It’s a very clever way to make using the airship more difficult for those players that are leading. Besides all that one of the nicest things I’ve found with this expansion is that you can easily store everything in the base game box. Indeed, all those empty spaces in the miniature storage insert in the base game now lovingly fit the new characters. You can even pop the airship miniature down the middle to fit it in the box. Overall, I would say if you enjoy My Little Scythe and would like a bit more strategy to the game, this is the expansion for you!

The Fuzzy Llama Bronze Seal of Prevalence

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