Fallout: New California

1-4 players, Cooperative-Competitive EXPANSION

Overview of Gameplay

The game play doesn’t change much from the base game. There are a few minor tweaks when it comes to certain cards. For example there is a new diamond symbol on some cards to denote that there are multiple copies of that particular card, just with different outcomes. The game also comes with a little slip that explains these things nicely. Probably one of the biggest changes is the introduction of a co-op mode with one of the scenarios. 

Components/Game Board

The expansion includes a good amount of stuff and, in my opinion, is worth the cost just for the quantity of extras you get here. 5 new playable characters which are especially unique from one another. So far the Codsworth robot is my favorite, if not a little overpowered. The minis that represent these characters are amazing as well! The detail is truly impressive for a standard Fantasy Flight game and I have to say I think they look better than most other minis found in recent board games. 

A bookoo more tiles to add to your game as well as another big fistful of story cards and items. The new scenarios are a welcome addition as well which I think will extend the game much, much further. Also they have included all the original scenarios but with new expanded cards so you can use the new tiles with them to expand your games. 


Same ol story with Fantasy Flight and their boxes and pseudo-inserts. The box is much smaller than the base game which is to be expected and has the typical traveling insert to hold all the punchboards in place. Of course once you get everything punched out you can just transfer all that new expansion stuff over to the base game box. If you were rid of the insert that came with that one, then you should have just enough space to fit all the base game and expansion content. Of course this won’t last forever as I’m sure Fantasy Flight has a few more expansion up their sleeve for this great game. 

Table Talk/Fun Factor

Personally I think the expansion was sorely needed and it shows once you get to playing it. The expanded maps are amazing and allow you to really dig deeper into storylines as you play. Heck most of the fun of the game comes with digging into those storylines to find out what happens. And now that they have added multiple cards with different outcomes, you can hit up the same story again later and get a different situation. Table talk has increased a tad as well especially with the co-op scenario. 

The Fuzzy Llama Silver Seal of Distinction

Final Thoughts

I am really enjoying this expansion and I think makes the game feel much fuller. From the crazy diversity of the playable characters to the extended and new scenarios. Heck even all the added shop items and the few new enemies. I still feel the overall game ends very abruptly with the way the endgame mechanic is setup and that will probably be a thorn in my side for a long time to come. Other than that, I highly recommend picking this up if you enjoyed the base game of Fallout. 

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