Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Order and Chaos

1-6 players, Competitive, 4X Style, Expansion

Designer: Scott Almes

Artwork: Chad Hoverter

Publisher: Gamelyn Games

Purpose of Expansion

This BEAST of an expansion adds a whole slew of additional things to the game. The main purpose other than adding tons of stuff is the fact that this expansion allows you to play the base game of Heroes of Land, Air & Sea with up to 6 players. Up from the max of 4 included with the base game. First let’s discuss all the new additions to the game. 

The Additions

The sticker shock you might be feeling when seeing the price of this, an expansion, is a normal feeling to be sure. I mean I had the same shock as this expansion is priced nearly as much as the core game itself and certainly higher than your average expansion. Heck this thing is priced right up there the same as most full board games themselves. So why is it priced so high?

Well mostly for the sheer amount of content you get in the package. The core game comes with 4 factions to play as. This expansion comes packed to the gills with ANOTHER 4 full factions, each completely different from the last. The new factions being the Undead, Lionkin, Lizardfolk and the Goblins for a total of 80 new miniatures. All new structures and vessels you assemble as well with unique flying machines and ships. A few more tokens here and there to make sure you have enough at those higher player counts. Oh and an expansion game board to add on to the side of the regular game board so you have enough starting islands for 6 players. 

The Changes

As far as changes to the base game there are very few, if any that I noticed. The Undead faction does have an added new interesting game mechanic that has to do with the underworld and bringing troops back and there is an underworld card to dictate this as well as a few tokens. Other than that the other factions all have their unique abilities just like the rest. This expansion pushed the player limit to 6 with the added board extension and you’ll have 8 total factions to choose from. So in any max player game you will leave out 2 of the factions which is good for replayability I think. 

The Fuzzy Llama Silver Seal of Distinction

Final Thoughts

Personally speaking I love this expansion. Yes it’s expensive but you are basically getting another full games worth of extras. That said if you never play with more than four players then this will be a little excessive and the only way I’d recommend it is if you REALLY like the new factions. HOWEVER if you can see yourself playing a 5 or 6 player game of this then it’s a must have. The new factions are great and really add to the flavor of the core game. Of course be prepared to plot out an entire afternoon if you are wanting to play a 6 player game of this, ho boy. 

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